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Extreme.SPFramework - software framework with the elements of ORM for SharePoint, DDD (generic repositories, entities, business services), IoC (Castle integration), Presentation Models and much more for MOSS 2007.

With Extreme.SPFramework it is really simple to change ASP.NET developer with some knowledge of design patterns into SharePoint specialist. Howewer, please note that SharePoint lists are not database tables. SharePoint doesn't support transactions, MOSS 2007 doesn't support data integrity (relationships). You should provide it programatically.

Our entities, services, repositories or view models have no sharepoint-specific fields and methods. All communication takes place via interfaces. Because of this, it is very simple to change aplication data source from MOSS to SQL, which could be the really hard task with different architecture.

In "Documentation section" you can find future documentation draft with all main features.

Project is available at MIT license

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